Initial Consultation

A first consultation takes two hours and consists of the patient describing their complaint(s), questions about past medical history, family medical history, the physical systems of the body from Head to Foot and questions about temperament and personality.

The last part of the consultation consists of an explanation of how the therapy works and Instructions for taking the medicine.  There may also be some physical examination such as taking blood pressure looking at the eyes, tongue and ears if necessary.

All of this information is used to arrive at the prescription.  Ideally, consultations are face to face but sometimes it is possible to do consultations via Skype or telephone, particularly follow–up consultations.

Follow up consultation

The follow-up consultation takes one hour and consists of analysis of the notes the patient has made in the interim four weeks; A discussion of the results and how the medicine was expected to react; Discussion of possible timing of subsequent dose.  Normally as treatment progresses the length of time between appointments increases



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